PCD Pharma Franchise- A Rewarding Investment

PCD Pharma Franchise- A Rewarding Investment

Are you wondering about taking up a PCD pharma franchise? Undoubtedly, the PCD pharma franchise concept has become very popular in the Indian market.

Most of the pharma companies are in search of potential individuals who can help them in growing their marketing network as well as sales revenue.

The Pharma sector is one of the fastest developing industries in the world and PCD pharma companies in India add up to the growth of the same.

The PCD pharma companies provide an already established platform to the individuals or firms which reduces the chances of failure. All the marketing strategies and materials are often provided by the companies as well, thus, making it a perfect choice for investing your money.

Let’s dive into insights into the advantages of entering the healthcare industry and starting your own pharma business.

Increased opportunities for growth and development:

The association with a reputed PCD pharma company can provide you with greater exposure and a better platform. You get the monopoly rights that help you to get a stronger hold over your marketing area.


Increased opportunities for growth and development

The investment returns are sure:

Since the business is deep-rooted in the Indian market, even small-scale investment will be a promising approach to gain profit.

More saving:

Be it a small-scale or large-scale pharma business, the PCD pharma franchise can help you in expanding your reach to your clients. There is no need for any regular capital investment in the business.

Resources are available easily:

PCD pharma companies provide a range of pharma products and marketing materials to individuals along with monopoly rights for sales. The business is cheaper as the resources are available easily.

Reduced cost of extensive staff:

For PCD pharma franchise business, one can have the least number of staff members in a limited area. This cost-cutting ensures higher net profit.

A larger platform is provided by pharma companies:

There is no need to work hard to set up a platform as the PCD pharma companies already have established platforms.

However, to become one of the top pharma franchise companies in India and enjoy all the above-discussed benefits, you must choose the best pharma company after careful research.

Digital Transformation of Pharma Industry

Digital Transformation of Pharma Industry

Digitalization is the new buzzword. It touches every aspect of our lives. How is it possible that the pharma industry remains unaffected by it?

Being a technology-driven industry, it gets the most benefits of digital transformation.

There are digital modes for better patient care. People are willing to receive treatment and healthcare using the digital platform.

Read the blog further to know some of the points that underline the digital transformation?

Changing the role of patients in the treatment

Digital transformation makes patients more active in the treatment process nowadays. Earlier, the person had to fix an appointment with the doctor while seeking treatment for an ailment. He used to follow the instructions and administer the drugs prescribed.

Changing the role of patients in the treatment


With digitization, patients go prepared by doing online research. They match the symptoms and conditions. They talk to others who developed similar symptoms or problems.

Patients have better accessibility

The availability of the data is humongous, and it is increasing with every passing day. The days are gone when medical information was limited to journals, and it was restricted to limited forums.


Patients have better accessibility


Earlier, patients were disclosed information on a need basis only.

The digital revolution removes all the secrecy. Every bit of information is available to everyone at a click. People can find everything they wish by hitting a button. They can compare drugs and find a better alternative.

Opens up more communication channels

Digital presence opens various social media platforms to connect to their healthcare specialists. They can have online access to their medical records as well. All these things revolutionize the pharma industry.

Unibiotech Formulations is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of Pharma Products who hold rich expertise as PCD Pharma Company across North India. If you are looking to take Pharma Franchise Business ahead, then reach out to us with your query today!

What Are The Reasons For Popularization And Future Aspects Of Pharma Franchise Business?

What Are The Reasons For Popularization And Future Aspects Of Pharma Franchise Business?

Pharma Franchise offers an excellent opportunity for those who are seeking to make huge profits in the medical aspects of the business. Are you willing to start your entrepreneurship with the pharma franchise business? If yes, then it is best if you know about the diverse aspects and prospects revolving around its popularity.

Experts say that the pharma franchise is a little different from other businesses. And, hence, it becomes more important to learn about it all.

What is a Pharma Franchise Business?

This is a simple agreement between the franchiser and the franchise to work in the pharmaceutical business. The franchiser authorizes the franchise to run the operations for the pharma business smoothly.

Right from controlling the production, quality, operations, and marketing- it is the responsibility of the firm holder to manage and handle the pharma franchise business smoothly.

What Are The Reasons For the Popularization of Pharma Franchise Business?

The Marketing Cost is LESSER


The Marketing Cost is LESSER


This is the best part of being involved in the Pharma Franchise Business. It involves the least investment cost you imagined. This is because most of the marketing activities expenses will be taken care of by the franchiser. Thus, this pharma franchise business becomes different from the other sectors. And, you need not spend a fortune to start with your business in your choice of area.

The Administration Cost is LESSER

Partnering with a company that is well settled and has its name among the people will help you cut off on the administration costs too. You need not appoint too many people to handle and manage operations for production and marketing. Administration cost and spending on the employees is an important factor to judge a pharma franchise business.

Workload for operating the business is LESSER

The work pressure for working in a pharma business is not much compared to the other businesses. Nobody rules! And, with no one above your head, you can work on innovative measures to include in their business. Let your creativity shine out and work upon your business operations.

Fosters Opening of Other Business Ventures

Once you get a hold of the business, you gather enough knowledge and information to run a successful business. With this knowledge in your hand, you can run several other business sectors. You can even have other mainstream businesses ahead. Since you know all the tricks and tips to handle such a business, the subsequent ventures will not be a big challenge for you!

Brings Great Career Prospects


Brings Great Career Prospects


The pharma franchise model is the perfect business model to learn about one’s open potential in handling the businesses as well as learn a thing or two always. The pharmaceutical sector is really diversified and vast. As you enter the niche, it becomes easier to diversify or expand the business and have lucrative options on hold.

Future prospects of Pharma Franchise business

It is absolutely clear that the business possibilities of a pharma establishment model are diverse. The expanding diagram of the medical care area in India portrays that the pharma establishment business’ future looks splendid. This field will be continually interesting whether you are dispatching the business interestingly or you are an accomplished business person, entering the universe of the Pharma franchise business.

With a somewhat low investment, you can raise a major business ultimately and the monetary risks will similarly be less. If the pharma products are of the best quality and accompanied by the right marketing strategy, then no one can stop the pharma franchise business from flourishing and succeeding.

If you are willing to go for a Pharma franchise company that meets your needs and offers you promising career prospects, then you are on the right platform. Unibiotech Formulations is a reliable and trustworthy pharma business that has an excellent product range, administrations, and operations.

Steps To Start A PCD Pharma Company In India

Steps To Start A PCD Pharma Company In India

The Pharma Industry is a hub of opportunities for those looking for the right investments, especially in India. A study shows that India’s pharmaceutical exports were at $17.27 billion in FY18 and will grow about 30% in the coming years. Facts and figures can’t lie, so investing in PCD Pharma is one of the best profitable ventures.

But, taking a call on the venture comes with a whole set of formalities to meet and comply with in terms of investments and operations. Thus, a PCD Pharma Company calls for meeting other standards and complying with rules, regulations, and related terms and conditions.

Without a further ado, let us take a peek at the steps to start a PCD Pharma Company in India.

Steps To Start A PCD Pharma Company In India

Chalk out the Business Plan

A business will not succeed if you do not have a blueprint for the same. In the initial stage, right before the establishment of every other thing, you must chalk out the ways and the aspects of your business to ensure that you are on the right path. This will help you take care of all the financial and equipment-related needs in the business. You will be able to figure out the institutions and the people you need to approach.

Plan your Finances


Plan your Finances


No company can be set up without some capital. Knowing at least an estimated cost of the overall establishment and the source from where the emergency funds can be pulled helps in keeping the business stable. Put all the expenses from the start in one spreadsheet to have a look at expenses.

Work upon Business Structure

PCD Pharma Business can ask for as many employees or people you want with you. From 2 to 50, you can indulge people to work with you or for you. It depends upon whether you are into a sole proprietorship or a private limited company.

Decide a good Business Name

A good business name that resonates with the people must be chosen to stand firm in the market. Make it short and impactful. The name should be able to send the right message to your customers.

Documentation, Licensing & Certification

Once you are done with the business naming, it is your turn to work upon the documentation process of the company registration. Right from getting the drug license number, company registration, registration from, trademark, and GSTIN.

Set up Business Location

Now, think about the business location- including your office and warehouse. Make sure that the space you select is enough and abides by all the government norms.

Product Selection & Development


Product Selection & Development


Once you start a pharmaceutical company, it is time for you to start manufacturing your products. Research the market, analyze and understand the need of the market or the products that can get you placed in the market. Manufacture products only after thorough research to sustain your brand.

Finalize Third-party

It is time for you to work with third-party manufacturers who can guide and help you with the right products for the market. Moreover, they can get you competitive rates for the products you are seeking. After thorough background research on every third-party manufacturer, finalize the one that fits your vision.

Place Your Order with Chosen Manufacturer

Now, it is time to place the order to the manufacturer and start the production of the products you planned to launch. Manufacturers ask for an affidavit that mentions everything about the order and its delivery. Even more so, they might ask for a scanned copy of your drug license number too.

Make Contracts with them

Make an agreement with the order details and finalize the terms and conditions beneficial to both parties.

Build Your Team

Once your products are on the way, it is time for you to work on building your team. Make sure you appoint people who are skilled and knowledgeable with pharma companies to ensure moving in the right direction. Remember, you would also need to have ample MRs (medical representative) to represent and advertise your products to your clients.

Promote and Market

Marketing and Promoting the products can really take the brand name one step ahead. Thus, put up good efforts in marketing. Let your team handle other vital areas while you focus on improving the products and marketing. Only marketing can make your brand visible. Work upon the logo, packaging, and labeling, create visual and marketing aids, design a good website and start ruling the market.

How Unibiotech Formulations Is Better Than Other PCD Pharma Franchise Companies?

How Unibiotech Formulations Is Better Than Other PCD Pharma Franchise Companies?

Looking for the top PCD Pharma in your area? Unibiotech Formulations got you covered. Delivering high stands of medicines and services to all our consumers and clients, we are a proud pharma company.

After taking the blow of the coronavirus pandemic, we are even more driven to serve the world with the best of medicines. As a part of the healthcare industry, we consider it is our duty to work for the welfare of all our fellow citizens. Thus, with every day passing, we are striving towards serving the best to the country.

Unibiotech Formulations is a proud PCD Pharma Company that has been serving healthcare to people for over four decades without a fall in the graph. Surrounded by a multitude of options in PCD Pharma, we are definitely the best ones!

Read more to know why!

What makes Unibiotech Formulations Better than other PCD Pharma Franchise Companies?

If you are looking forward to entering the healthcare industry and starting your own pharma business, PCD is the best. We take into consideration all the terms genuinely- the investments, the risks, and the returns. Unibiotech Formulation is the most sought-after while seeking a PCD Pharma Franchise Company. Here are some points to briefly describe them all.

Best Quality Control Policies

We offer a quality controlled and patient-centric environment and never rely on lean practices. At Unibiotech Formulations, we all have encouraged quality when it comes to medicines and services. We are well known for our high spirits and best selling propositions. One of our USP of all our products is the unparalleled quality control measurements that are followed by our company strictly.


  • Our products go through “ Inspection & Checking” before reaching the market.
  • Raw materials are derived from reliable sources and vendors.
  • We monitor each and every manufacturing process for any unwanted adulteration.
  • Products are passed through durability adulteration, constituency, purity, sustainability & effectiveness.
  • We make sure that the products are safe and free of side effects.
  • We strictly follow the industry laws, regulations, and rules.

Pool of Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Unibiotech Formulations has a great team of connoisseurs and welcomes the skilled, experienced, and experts to join the force of the company. We believe in collective effort and unity among different departments — Biological Testing labs, Chemical Testing Labs, Research & Development departments, and the Specification & Analytical Department.

Certified Range of Products


Certified Range of Products...


We own more than hundreds of certified pharmaceuticals. And, all our products are certified by the authorities. Even more so, they meet all the necessary industry standards and guidelines. Our product range includes-


  • Ayurvedic
  • Capsules
  • Injectables
  • Softgels
  • Syrups
  • Tablets
  • Urological products
  • Pediatrics products
  • Powders
  • Herbal medicines
  • Dental range, and much more.

Better Scope for Pharma Franchisees

Now, what does a person look for in a Pharma Franchise? You can enjoy a lot of benefits when associating with Unibiotech Formulations as a Pharma Franchise Company. Some of the benefits are listed below:


  • Low Risk and Low Investment
  • Monopoly Rights
  • Endless Business Openings
  • Low-Deals Target
  • High Opportunity for Growth
  • Bright Business Prospective
  • Independent Business
  • Advertising Support
  • Brilliant Future Call
  • Large Established Platform


Unibiotech Formulation is a National level & one of the fastest-growing Franchise/PCD Pharma Company, committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing, and marketing affordable brands in India.

Our motto is “Spreading Health & Happiness for all”. Unibiotech Formulations is successfully promoted by seasoned pharma professionals having rich experience of more than 3 decades.

Our quality products are lesser than none as we get 86% of our products from our own 2 Ultra-modern plants in the pharma hub, Baddi & thus ensure world-class quality. Unibiotech Formulations focuses on providing high-quality, affordable products to its customers & supports all with dedicated customer service.

Your search for looking at the right Franchise/PCD Pharma Company ends at Unibiotech Formulations.

How Pharma Companies Generate Franchise Queries and Boost Business?

How Pharma Companies Generate Franchise Queries and Boost Business?

Healthcare is an essential part of our lives. And the Pharma Industry is considered the most important industry in India. It has the least impact of the reason for an economic slowdown. And, as the Indian Financial System is developing excellently, the pharma industry is supposed to earn enough profits.

Are you a pharma company owner and want to generate more Franchise queries and boost your business?

If yes, then this article is all you need. Understand the ways to expand and popularize your business.

The pharmaceuticals sector is quite different from other sectors. It is a prescription based sector, which means that the medicines are favored by people only when it is prescribed a number of times. Therefore, the profitability is directly proportional to the number of times medicines are prescribed.

However, PCD Pharma is not solely dependent on prescriptions. Instead, it can be directly supplied to the distributors and hospitals. Besides this, there are other vital factors that help in earning more profits. For that, you need to understand the qualities that make a franchise model good for a business model.

What are the qualities that make the Franchise Model a good Business Model?


  • Pharma Industry is a lucrative business model as franchises get ample opportunities to grow and acquire more business. It can be made more prosperous by introducing a flexible work environment and high business propositions.
  • As the franchises enjoy the monopoly right in this pharma sector, they can make the best use of the opportunity with a balanced use of relaxations and get more queries.
  • Another thing that determines the success of the pharma franchise business is product range. The wider the product range your pharma company has, the more customers you attract.
  • The documentation and the formalities should be easy to process. Make the paperwork less tedious in order to sign the legal contractors. Make it a user-friendly business model.

How to get more queries?


How to get more queries?


  • Launch a Franchise business model based on your company and the versatility of the product range and various growth prospects. If you are planning to make it lucrative, then remember to keep the charges based on the respective territory. The value of initiating the franchise business depends upon the size of the company and how versatile the products are. You can also become attractive by making the charges based on the respective territory.
  • Equip the franchise business with direct sales, the proper training on networking and sales techniques- it is important for the pharma company to get along and sustain longer in the market.
  • Aid the franchise business models with free marketing tools. It works as a perfect tool to attract more franchisees. Also, the better the quality of the free marketing tools, the better the performance of the respective franchise.
  • Showcase your enthusiasm and zeal towards flourishing your business. Seek the possibility of grabbing new franchisees being a pharma company owner. Show that you are ready to establish your presence in the market.
  • Generally, the tenure to each franchise business model offered is about for a year on a renewable basis. Become attractive by making the tenure longer.
  • You can start with FREE gifts too! However, do not go with substandard product qualities or freebies. Remember, that people are concerned more about the quality of the freebies and instead of how many you give them.
  • Enable an online query generation for the businesses to be accessible to you. Digital platforms, online platforms are a useful piece of tools for flourishing the pharma business. It will not only aid in generating more queries but also showcase your products to a wider audience.

To Sum Up…

These are some simple and yet smart tips to take your franchise business model and consequently your pharma company to a level of success. Redesign your franchise model and make it incomparable to the others and attract franchisees. If you are in search of an ideal Pharma Company to initiate your franchise business in the pharma industry, then reach out to the Unibiotech Formulations with your query today!

Explore the Various Opportunities of the PCD Pharma Franchise in India

Explore the Various Opportunities of the PCD Pharma Franchise in India

Indian Pharmaceutical Industries has been the fastest-growing domestic and global sector for many years. We can gain some insight into the future of the PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India after looking at the wonderful growth of Indian Pharmaceutical Industries in recent years.

Near Future of PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India:

According to the new Forbes reports, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is in second place with maximum job opportunities. India is the second-most populous country in the world, and every rich or poor individual needs good medicines and high-quality healthcare services. Besides, the government, India wants to provide excellent health care services to every living person in the country.
With time, people in India are becoming more conscious of their health, so the demand for good pharmaceutical products has increased proportionately. Pharmaceutical companies are engaged in the manufacture of successful pharmaceutical products to meet people’s needs.
Pharmaceutical companies sell their franchise at different locations in India to distribute their goods to the wider region. On the other hand, this industry has also expanded the number of work openings for pharma professionals. When we consider all these points, we may conclude that the pharmaceutical industry has a very strong future.

What Is PCD In Pharma?

Pharma Franchise is a license or official authorization or permission given by the Pharma Company to manufacturers, associations, or individuals. The Franchise Company provides the franchisee with the freedom to spread its business with the aid of the Franchise Company. It is the task of the franchisor to spread and distribute the goods in his region.
Pharma franchise is also known as PCD, i.e. propaganda cum distribution, the pharmaceutical company means, company has its production plant.

How Can You Choose A Good PCD Pharma Franchise?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best and most reliable Pharma PCD Business. Many of the factors are to be considered while choosing a PCD Pharma Franchise:

Supply for the long term:

The Company you select should provide you with a long-term supply of PCD without modification. The drugs you order should last at least one year and the prices provided by the Company should be comparable with other Bioidentical Hormone Suppliers.

Regulation of quality:

Choose a PCD Pharma Company with a list of products that are made from healthy and organic sources that do not contain any steroids. To avoid any chemical and/or mineral reactions to the product, the bioidentical hormone analysis must always be carried out before the purchase. Since you cannot do this before the purchase, you must have a thorough background check about their products and drugs.
The Company should have an accurate and consistent reporting system, and a record should be kept to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken by the Company to ensure that safety is maintained. The company you use should maintain strict quality control over the drugs that you buy so that no side effects can occur. You should gather information from the Company on the safety of the drugs being used.

Packaging and Delivery:

Besides, the quality of the drugs, you must also focus on the effective packaging and delivery of their products. When working with PCD Pharmaceutical Company, you must ask for details on how the Company has managed to produce the high quality of the drugs you order and the quality of the company’s packaging and labeling materials. This knowledge is to be regarded as a critical feature of the PCD Pharmaceutical Business.

Benefits of Investing in PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

Benefits of Investing in PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

  • Pharma company is gaining more attention over time. The first preference of pharma experts has been the PCD pharma franchise company because of the great benefits.
  • There are many pharma professionals who are tempted to invest in a number of PCD Pharma companies.
  • One major benefit of investing in this sector is that it needs low investment, which eliminates the risk of high risk.
  • You don’t need to leave your home town, unlike other pharma workers.
  • With monopoly rights, you have a chance to run your company in your city and in your way.
  • One of the major advantages of investing in this sector is the need for low investment, which reduces the possibility of high risk.

Now that you know the meaning of the PCD Pharma Franchise and its benefits along with the top qualities to look for in a PCD company, the question is which company is best for a partnership?

Your search for a good company ends here because the answer is Unibiotech Formulations.


It is at a national level and one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. Moreover, it is regarded as one of the fastest-growing PCD Pharma Companies dedicated to increasing access to high-quality healthcare by creating, manufacturing, and selling affordable brands in India. Last but not least, it is successfully promoted by experienced pharma practitioners with more than 3 decades of experience.

Why Unibiotech Formulations

Why Unibiotech Formulations?

Unibiotech Formulations offer PCD Pharma Franchise to all state or district pharma practitioners worldwide on a monopoly basis. We are best at delivering the ultimate gross profit to all its distributors and are a renowned and trusted pharmaceutical company in India that offers the best pharmaceuticals.
We have got two of our production units where we prepare the finest pharmaceutical products. Each pharma professional is committed to working for the welfare of the human race by providing them with the best pharmaceutical health medicines at an affordable cost. With a motto of “Spreading health and happiness to all”, we’re bound to proving the best quality and delivery for their customers which had secured their place in the Top PCD Pharma companies list of India.

  • The investment plans are real and cost-effective.
  • All employees are given a strong profit margin.
  • Sales charges are also very modest, and apart from that, you can still get great offers.
  • We have a wide list of pharmaceutical products.
  • We have their reliability, credibility, and certification intact.
  • We offer Pharma Franchise on Monopoly Basis.
  • We aim to ensure the pharmaceuticals validate a futuristic approach to long-term business ethics.

Become Our Partner

Unibiotech Pharma offers an opportunity to all those entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own pharma franchise business. We work with honesty and honor and do not compromise with the truth. Our employees abide by ethics including Imagination, Modern Technology, Constructive Approach to Creative Concepts, Updating New Technologies, Having Growth & Development Skills, Customer & Partner Satisfaction, Openness & Respect for All.
Are you ready to become our partner?

Top 7 Reasons for Failure in Pharma Franchise Marketing

Top 7 Reasons for Failure in Pharma Franchise Marketing

One of the most and never-collapsing businesses or industries is the healthcare industry. No matter what aspect of it you are related to, it will stand strong at all costs. It is a promising and lucrative business with a scope to beat and acquire most of the markets (as much as possible).

However, there can be times when the business does not perform well as planned or imagined. And, there can be a multitude of reasons for them. Every business owner must keep some factors and points in his or her mind to ensure that a business does come with ups and downs and that it’s their duty to bounce back from it.

Let us see what can be the reasons for the failure of Pharma Franchise Marketing.


A lack of vision in the business owner- the man who is actually running the franchise can lead to disastrous results in the later stage. Initially, things might seem quite streamlined but it’s months later you start realizing the loopholes. Therefore, it is important to have a proper goal and aim for the business before setting it up in a locality. Yes, the business owners are aware of what to achieve but they are bewildered about the approach. They might set up sales and targets but fail to plan the approach or the road to take to achieve the decided goal.

Future Planning

Lack of Future planning with the business can bring any business down– even if it is about Pharma Franchise Business. Every business must have a proper prototype and a specific expansion plan for increasing the brand value and image among the consumers. This will help in further increasing the business size and aspects.


Another aspect that can slow down even the most excellently operating Pharma Franchise business is the absence of initiative. It is important to take some steps in the start to ensure that you set up goals, set up marketing plans, sales plans, and other courses of action needed as per your location and targets. Entrepreneurs follow what their competitors have been doing or are doing.
Instead, they should focus on bringing a concept that is entirely out-of-the-box, something that is creative and innovative for the customers.


A casual attitude leads a ‘professional’ nowhere. This the most important lesson to be learned as a business owner. A casual approach or say unprofessional approach causes the business to lack behind because there shall be no time management, efficiency in work and mostly they fail to achieve the set targets and goals. The business owner fails to manage the inventory of both the raw and finished goods. This indirectly also hampers the reputation of the business as well as the business owners in the targeted area.

Top 7 Reasons for Failure in Pharma Franchise Marketing


Often business owners set up the pharma franchise but fail to make use of the resources or even more- they lack in aggregating the right resources for their business The resources act as an asset for any business. And, any crunch on resources can lead to the downfall of the business. The company does not perform optimally. Thus, as a business owner, it is essential to gather good quality and enough resources that help you achieve great heights pharma franchise business.

Not Meeting Customer Expectations

Business owners get so engrossed in achieving and meeting the monthly targets that they end up forgetting to serve their customers with the right tools, services, and services. Once the reputation in front of the customers, the business starts failing in a number of aspects. They start losing interstate as they feel not treated well enough as per their expectations. Thus, it is important to keep all kinds of customers in mind and serve them as best as possible.


It is important to run parallel with the world in terms of upgrades and advancements in technologies. Especially, when we talk about marketing, comprehensive knowledge of both offline and online marketing is a must. The inventory and the products served to the customers must be updated from time to time. Instead of bringing more divisions, it is important to play with more products and update the list of a product catalog.


A Pharma Franchise Business and its owner must be thorough to run and operate the business properly. There are several reasons to take care of when it comes to protecting the Pharma Franchise business from failure. Make sure that you take care of all the above-covered points and maintain your business.

Unibiotech Formulations Top Benefits Of Choosing Unibiotech Formulations (A PCD Pharma Business)

Top Benefits Of Choosing Unibiotech Formulations (A PCD Pharma Business)

India shines brightly when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry as it has low local manufacturing benefits compared to the other international ones! However, besides these, there are other attributes that make Indian Pharmaceutical Business, especially Unibiotech Formulations more recognizable and trusted.

Pharma businesses are a really great platform and industry to explore various businesses and markets. The country has a great scope and a huge domestic market for the people in need of pharmaceutical products. If you are planning to run a middle-sized business, some points are to be considered in order to learn about the benefits.
Here are reasons why you should go for Unibiotech Formulations.

Low Risk and Low Investment

Most of the business one starts involves plenty of risks however, Pharma Business is considered to have an exception in this case. Unlike other businesses, it has low investment and low-risk property. This business does not require thousands of dollars as an investment. Instead, this can be set up with a minimal amount. One of the greatest advantages for establishing a Pharma Business is that scaling up is possible with a mere little investment.

Monopoly Rights

Wondering how you get the monopoly rights? When you invest in a Pharma Business, you easily land up on monopoly rights as well. This is because it allows you to operate in a specific location or area. Choosing a perfect and targeted area assists in increased sales, revenue, and consequently, higher profits.

Endless Business Openings

Establishing one Pharma Business provides the liberty to business owners to set up more such businesses. And the good news is that there are no strict rules to abide by or boundaries to stay within. One can open up branches anywhere one wants to. However, it is important to select the area accordingly. Thus, you get a bigger opportunity to expand your business within no time with great profits.

Low-Deals Target

Unibiotech Formulations comprehends that an equilibrium in work and personal life brings an overall balance. Thus, it assigns low and easily achievable targets. In this way, the executive as well as the company reap the benefits in the end. We set clear and realistic goals for the executives to perform the assigned jobs with utmost confidence, dedication, responsibility, and interest.

Unibiotech Formulations Low-Deals Target

High Opportunity for Growth

Every company wants to have a peek of growth and puts in lots of effort! Growth of a small or medium-sized can be a little risky. However, a little effort put in can help eradicate these risks and enjoy the fruits of the prosperous franchise business. Associating with Unibiotech Formulations hands over the advantage to the business owners to have a monopoly in their targeted areas.

Bright Business Prospective

As mentioned earlier, the Pharma business has a lot of growth and prosperous opportunities for all. With the enhancement in the technologies and medical health industry, we have been developing and improving the mode of approach and plan of action. With the upgrading of our manufacturing plants and booming Businesses, we believe to meet the international standards and serve the entire world instead of just domestic markets.

Independent Business

Having a Pharma Business allows you to have an independent business. You can run it any way you want. All the effort you will surely bring rewards. There are no rules for operating the business. You can run as you want to meet your sales targets on the monthly basis.

Brilliant Future Call

With an aim to serve the entire world, we believe in considering the future while acting in the present. The rightly hand-picked and well-designed plan of action helps in setting up a brilliant future call.

Advertising Support

Understanding the need of the hour and advertising modes, we aim to target all the platforms that benefit the Unibiotech Formulations. We are more than involved in exploring ideas that can contribute to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry.

Large Established Platform

The Pharma Business has no restrictions in establishing business and no boundaries to act within. Thus, it offers a huge playground for the business enthusiasts to play and have great prospects! Unibiotech Formulations is open to all areas and all those enthusiasts who are interested in starting a business and stand on their feet.

Want to associate with Unibiotech Formulations? Join hands with us today to land on a partnership that benefits you with its increasing demand and fuel the world with Unibiotech Formulations’ Products.

Unibiotech Formulations 9 Ways To Attract PCD Pharma Franchise Distributors

9 Ways To Attract PCD Pharma Franchise Distributors

Distributors are the best way to increase sales and thus profitability of a Pharma Business. Yes, it is daunting to be able to convince people to work and collaborate with you but it is essential and can be simplified with a little extra effort. The first thing to initiate is building a reputable brand and having an unparalleled team to reach out to distributors.

A Pharm Franchise Distributor is aware of the importance of distributors. They cater to masses representing the brand and thus help in building a good reputation well as an effective distribution channel.

In order to attract PCD Pharma Franchise Distributors, indulge in customer-oriented and appealing business promotion. Here we shall discuss various techniques to adopt for attracting PCD Pharma Distributors.

Strengthen The Medical Representative Team

First and foremost, you should strengthen your medical representative team. An MR of your Pharma Company assists in increasing sales and revenue of the company by improving and enhancing the brand image. They increase their reach to clients, boost their convincing power, and thus attract a customer base. Allotting sales targets helps in having better management over the team and getting the best results.

Employ Social Media

Make your social media your employ. Nowadays, people are more active on social media (especially due to social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic). Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms can be at your advantage. In the age of the internet, reaching new heights of success also comes with an endless number of opportunities. This aids in expanding the horizons and increasing the reach to distributors.


Of course, you are proud of your brand! So, why not talk about it often? Try indulging with other platforms and talk about your Pharma Company just enough. Write and customize your blogs to come to your assistance. The most effective way to rule Internet Marketing is by Blogging. It is the most sought after way of approaching new and potential PCD Pharma Distributors. Besides all these, it also helps Distributors as well as the customers to build trust in the brand.

Email Marketing

Another way to maintain engagement with your potential distributors and customers is by contacting them via email marketing. This increases the reach to a global audience, which is easy to share and helps in the easy delivery of our message. Email Marketing helps in improving brand reputation & recognition, the sales and revenue, and thus the profitability of the Pharma Company.

Promotional Activities

Engaging in Promotional Activities, whether online or offline, helps in attracting more potential PCD Pharma Franchise Distributors. One can adopt different measures or methods to attract distributors from all over India. The activities can be some event or a workshop or a check-up camp to assist you in building a brand image. While promoting online, you can have a Webinar from time to time to engage people with your Pharma Company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A strategic and full proof solution for enhancing your rank on Search Engines. Thus, discuss with your team members who handle the website and digital marketing. Ask them to work with all their heart on the SEO of the website for a better reach. If the website improves its SEO, the Pharma Company might land some great people who can take it to its maximum heights of success!

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is perfect to reach and contact people who are of your interest. With a controlled budget on campaign. The Pharma Company can have information about some great PCD Pharma Distributors. The Company has the freedom to choose PCD Distributors as per a specific category- demography, age, language, etc. Promote your business online with PPC and pay only for the leads that click.

Door To Door Marketing

The most traditional form of marketing is door-to-door marketing. Yes, the probability of converting might seem less to you. But, it is different when in fields; all you need to have is such a marketing person who can even sell sand in the desert. So, form a team of enduring and result-achieving sales teams who can market door-to-door and get unimaginable results even on one day of fieldwork.

Improve Your Customer Support Services

Brand Reputation & your Vision & Mission says a lot. Yet, there is one little thing that most of the Pharma Companies forget to take into consideration- Customer Support Service. If you believe that approaching the PCD Pharma Distributors is enough and it is now their duty to get you the desired result- you are absolutely wrong. A Pharma Company has to be competent and efficient enough to be able to support the customer with their queries. One happy customer works as a tool for marketing.

Final Words

We might think that attracting PCD Pharma Distributors is easy but it’s not what it seems. It would be best to adopt all the methods simultaneously in order to get good results and have a good list of PCD Pharma Franchise Distributors. With proper planning, strategy, and management, this is not an impossible goal!