PTR & PTS Calculator

Pharma PCD calculator to calculate PTR & PTS

Following the implementation of GST, the rate calculations for pharma stockists and pharma retailers have been altered. Here's a formula for calculating retail and stockist margins for your company. PTR is for the price to the retailer, and PTS stands for the cost to the stockist. You may also compute the net scheme here. For example, if you enter a scheme of 10%, this calculator will calculate the net scheme value based on the percentage provided in the section.

What is MRP?

MRP is for the maximum retail price. It is the price at which a customer can buy medicine from a retail Pharmacy Store, including GST.

What is PTR?

PTR is for the retailer's pricing. It is the price at which a retail pharmacy can buy any medicine from a Pharma stockist, excluding GST.

What is PTS ?

PTS is a shorthand for the price of stockists. It is the price at which pharmaceutical businesses sell their products to pharmaceutical stockists or distributors, excluding GST.

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