PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Mohali

PCD Pharma Franchise in Mohali

PCD Company In Mohali – Looking for the best investment opportunity in the pharma sector of Mohali? If yes then we at Unibiotech Formulations are the best option for you as we are here with all product categories ranging from starting from the injections, tablets, and capsules, and much more. More than 400+ products approved by authorities such as DCGI & FSSAI are being offered by us to all the pharma partners in Mohali making us the best PCD Pharma Franchise In Mohali.

Many people in Mohali are strugghling very much to get quality healthcare product at a very reasonable cost and thus the need of the hour is the forthcoming of Pharma PCD Company In Mohali that can serve the needs of the needy people. The ranges we offer consists of analgesic, anti-allergic, cardiac/ cardiology medicines, antibiotic, anti-depressant, diabetic and much more. The number of products being offered is more than 300+ and all of them are well built in WHO, GMP certified plants. we are top PCD Pharma Franchise in India for investing in pharma sector.

So if you are an aspirant looking for an investment opportunity based in Mohali then make sure to get in contact with us by calling at +91-7814301804 or just leave an email at info@unibiotechformulations.in.

Why Opt For Unibiotech Formulations In Place Of Other Pharma Companies In Mohali?

There are a good number of people living in Mohali that are seeking an investment opportunit in the pharma sector in here. Thus as we are a customer centric pharma organization, it becomes our duty to serve them in the top most manner. Thus we have come forward as the most well reputed PCD Pharma Company In Mohali. A lot of students and aspirants live by Mohali that are preparing for thier higher studies and thus they and other people look out for help in terms of the medicines and other healthcare facilities.

Unibiotech Formulations is in the PCD Pharma Franchise sector since a very long time and the 40+ years of experience that we have is visible in our work and the offerings that we give. The pharma products that we have to offer are more than 300+ and all of them are built in WHO, GMP accredited units. All the latest approved molecules are used by us to come up with the latest pharma products to be offered through the way of PCD Pharma Franchise In Mohali.

  • From the very beginning, we are constantly focused on the quality aspect of the pharma offerings that we have to offer.
  • The ranges we have to offer consists of tablets, capsules, injectables, suspension, soft gel capsules and much more.
  • We offer 24×7 customer support to all the linked pharma associates in across Mohali.
  • Regular updation is being done by us in the product portfolio that we have to offer to the linked clients in Mohali.

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Available Ranges For Pharma Franchise Business In Chandigarh

Being a well-reputed pharma company in Chandigarh, we make sure to go through all rules and regulations laid by different authorities such as WHO, GMP and much more. As we are already an established name in the pharma sector, we offer the most wide pharma ranges to all of our linked partners.

Reaching new heights of success is very easy after working with us as it will allow you to get an exclusive opportunity to get linked with a leading name in the pharma industry. Have a look at the offerings that we have to give to all of our partners that will work with us in the Top PCD Pharma Franchise In Mohali.

  • Antiemetic
  • Gynecology medicines
  • Antibiotic
  • Analgesic
  • Anti Ulcerants
  • Anti-cold
  • Anti-Allergic
  • Cardiac/ Cardiology Medicines
  • Multivitamin/ Nutrition/ Nutraceuticals range
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Depressant
  • Diabetic medicines

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Highest Quality Formulations and Ranges Provided By At Unibiotech Formulations

Quality is one of the most noticed factors that most of the people do notice especially when it comes about the pharma products. The same concept is kept in mind by us and thus we are able to offer such a wide range of quality based healthcare products to all by the way of PCD Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity In Mohali. That’s why we are constantly working very hard to utilize all the latest machines and other equipment so that the end result can come up as the best one possible.

  • The raw material being used by us is sourced by some of the top sources in the pharma sector that allows us to come up with the end result of the best manner.
  • Innovative formulations are being constantly delivered by us in all manners to all the linked pharma professionals based in Mohali.
  • Machines and equipment being used by us are of the latest kind so that the end pharmaceutical can come up as the best one possible.

Promotional Backup Given By the Top Pharma PCD Franchise Company In Mohali

Promoting your business is as important as doing it and thus it is very crucial for us as the Top PCD Franchise Company In Mohali, to offer a wide range of pharma products to all. All these marketing tools and promotional backup offered by us helps us and our linked clients to get a good name for themselves in the pharma sector.

Till now we have already helped a good number of pharma professionals to get a good and established name for themselves by the best range of promotional tools that we have to offer. Have a look at the list of the promotional backup that we have to offer to all the linked associates.

  • Catch Covers
  • Marketing Purse
  • Billing Book
  • Visual Aid
  • Visiting Cards
  • Working Bags
  • Gifts
  • Brochures
  • Reminder Cards

Contact Info:

Address: Plot No.76, Sector 82 JLPL Industrial Area, SAS Nagar Mohali, Punjab(140306) India.
Phone: +91-7814301804
Email: info@unibiotechformulations.in

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