How PCD, Ethical and Generic Divisions differ in the Pharma Industry?

Are you trying to get into the pharmaceutical industry? If so, you may be finding difficulty in understanding various pharma terms if you do not belong to this industry. Before entering the pharma business, one must be familiar with a few basic terms that are important in the industry.

It is critical to become familiar with key terms in order to have a firm grasp on the Pharma Industry. As a result, one should be able to distinguish the meaning of terms such as PCD, generic and ethical.

What is PCD division pharma business?

PCD term stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution. It refers to the distribution rights given to a business owner for marketing and distributing pharma products owned by a big pharma company. This is done by granting permission for the same to carry out commercial activities.

It is a common term used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. In this, a company grants someone permission to sell their products under their own name. This model qualifies as a franchise business, as the other name for it is PCD Pharma franchise business.

It is a B2B Pharma company that provides marketing and sales rights to professionals looking for startup and business expansion opportunities in India through an agreement.

As a result, many big companies in the Pharma Industry throughout India offer their services at a minimum cost with little investment.

This is often done to expand the business with the help of a franchise company. In this proposition, the control is given to the franchise owner but ownership remains with the parent pharma company.


What is PCD division pharma business?

What is Ethical division in the pharma industry?

The ethical division of the pharmaceutical industry is regarded as the most traditional and popular in the industry. Medicines are uniquely formed through proper research and critical thinking of scientists.

The medicine is intended to persuade doctors to use it for the necessary treatment of a specific illness. Many marketing techniques are used to convince medical professionals to promote a specific drug range, which will eventually lead to mass adoption.

Thus, a pharmaceutical company manufactures their own ethical medicines, which are then promoted by sales representatives and various distribution channels.

What is Generic division in the pharma Industry?


What is Generic division in the pharma Industry?


A generic term in medicine is used when a generic medicine is formulated and manufactured in the same dosage, effectiveness, stability, and quality as a brand’s original product.

These medications are administered via the same route and bear the product’s brand name.These are made in similar quantities and with comparable quality and performance levels. The most significant advantage of the generic sector is that the prices for generic medicines are reasonable.

They are also significantly more cost effective than branded drugs. This equates to a profitable and efficient business.

The difference that lies among various pharma companies is how they process it. The processing and manufacturing guidelines play a crucial role in the generic sector. This sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Also, companies may vary in their covering and packaging style to gain traction in the economically weaker zones.


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