Steps To Start A PCD Pharma Company In India

The Pharma Industry is a hub of opportunities for those looking for the right investments, especially in India. A study shows that India’s pharmaceutical exports were at $17.27 billion in FY18 and will grow about 30% in the coming years. Facts and figures can’t lie, so investing in PCD Pharma is one of the best profitable ventures.

But, taking a call on the venture comes with a whole set of formalities to meet and comply with in terms of investments and operations. Thus, a PCD Pharma Company calls for meeting other standards and complying with rules, regulations, and related terms and conditions.

Without a further ado, let us take a peek at the steps to start a PCD Pharma Company in India.

Steps To Start A PCD Pharma Company In India

Chalk out the Business Plan

A business will not succeed if you do not have a blueprint for the same. In the initial stage, right before the establishment of every other thing, you must chalk out the ways and the aspects of your business to ensure that you are on the right path. This will help you take care of all the financial and equipment-related needs in the business. You will be able to figure out the institutions and the people you need to approach.

Plan your Finances


Plan your Finances


No company can be set up without some capital. Knowing at least an estimated cost of the overall establishment and the source from where the emergency funds can be pulled helps in keeping the business stable. Put all the expenses from the start in one spreadsheet to have a look at expenses.

Work upon Business Structure

PCD Pharma Business can ask for as many employees or people you want with you. From 2 to 50, you can indulge people to work with you or for you. It depends upon whether you are into a sole proprietorship or a private limited company.

Decide a good Business Name

A good business name that resonates with the people must be chosen to stand firm in the market. Make it short and impactful. The name should be able to send the right message to your customers.

Documentation, Licensing & Certification

Once you are done with the business naming, it is your turn to work upon the documentation process of the company registration. Right from getting the drug license number, company registration, registration from, trademark, and GSTIN.

Set up Business Location

Now, think about the business location- including your office and warehouse. Make sure that the space you select is enough and abides by all the government norms.

Product Selection & Development


Product Selection & Development

Once you start a pharmaceutical company, it is time for you to start manufacturing your products. Research the market, analyze and understand the need of the market or the products that can get you placed in the market. Manufacture products only after thorough research to sustain your brand.

Finalize Third-party

It is time for you to work with third-party manufacturers who can guide and help you with the right products for the market. Moreover, they can get you competitive rates for the products you are seeking. After thorough background research on every third-party manufacturer, finalize the one that fits your vision.

Place Your Order with Chosen Manufacturer

Now, it is time to place the order to the manufacturer and start the production of the products you planned to launch. Manufacturers ask for an affidavit that mentions everything about the order and its delivery. Even more so, they might ask for a scanned copy of your drug license number too.

Make Contracts with them

Make an agreement with the order details and finalize the terms and conditions beneficial to both parties.

Build Your Team

Once your products are on the way, it is time for you to work on building your team. Make sure you appoint people who are skilled and knowledgeable with pharma companies to ensure moving in the right direction. Remember, you would also need to have ample MRs (medical representative) to represent and advertise your products to your clients.

Promote and Market

Marketing and Promoting the products can really take the brand name one step ahead. Thus, put up good efforts in marketing. Let your team handle other vital areas while you focus on improving the products and marketing. Only marketing can make your brand visible. Work upon the logo, packaging, and labeling, create visual and marketing aids, design a good website and start ruling the market.


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