What do you mean by PCD in Pharma and what is its scope in the pharmaceutical industry?

There are a lot of pharma industries which are qualified in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals. One of these is PCD Pharma. PCD is abbreviation for Propaganda cum distribution. This term is often used in pharmaceutical marketing. Propaganda cum distribution basically highlights the right to market pharmaceuticals and distribute in the pharmaceutical industry.A PCD Pharma franchise company basically provides all of the products to its branch franchise partners.

Why should one think about beginning a PCD Pharma Business?


Why should one think about beginning a PCD Pharma Business?


  1. Less investment: When it comes to PCD pharma businesses, you do not need a lot of capital to start a business. You can invest a limited amount of money and still yield the returns.
  2. Low risk: Since the amount required to be invested is relatively less, the rate is minimal and there is less risk. Hence, you don’t need to worry about incurring losses as compared to the big businesses with a high investment.
  3. No set targets: If you set up a PCD pharma, you won’t face the pressure of meeting set targets from the parent company. The products will be sold in accordance to the demand in the market and not according to the company’s guidelines.
  4. High growth rate: This business space is gaining momentum and the niche is expanding rapidly. The pharmaceutical industry is now changing and requires more and more PCD pharma companies.Hence, you will always be assured of continued growth.

Enumerated below are some further facts and figures which elucidate upon the good capability of this business:

  1. The effect of demonetization in this industry has been the least.
  2. Monopoly rights make this business of PCD a great choice.
  3. The Indian pharmaceuticals Industry is estimated at 2,40,000 crore currently.

When one applies for a pharma franchise, there is an option to choose from the following:

  • Stand-alone pharmacy (undertake residential areas)
  • Township pharmacy (undertake a particular housing complex)
  • Hospital pharmacy (undertake a complete hospital)
PCD Pharma Franchise

The scope of PCD Pharma

Needless to state the obvious, the scope of the pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest in the world. One can always be sure of the steady demand for pharmaceutical products. The changing lifestyles of the citizens and an increment in the level of income has also led to a wider purchase of pharmaceutical products. With such a surge in the demand for pharmaceutical products, PCD pharma businesses are bound to see an exponential potential in the current times, and times ahead.

Scope of PCD Pharma


If you’re planning to start a medical business in the pharmaceutical industry, a PCD pharma business is bound to generate good returns on investment, provided one works relentlessly to grow in the field of the ever-increasing and expanding pharmaceutical industry. As an example, Unibiotech is a reputed Pharma company which enjoys the goodwill of many for years.

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